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Hi I'm Erin.
Fan of OUAT, Castle, Grimm, Disney, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Nerdfighteria, Shaytards, DailyGrace, and so much more.
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Announcement: Henceforth my tumblr will be a Prince George Appreciation Blog.

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Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much

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The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

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Well. That was one of the quickest character developments I’ve seen…

Are you seriously telling me that all that villainous squinting and peering about is because he’s meant to be wearing glasses

because that’s amazing

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Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

"and all of a sudden you feel very small" damn right

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A quick sketch for a friend.

The sad thing is that Hawkeye doesn’t have anywhere else to stay.

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algebra is like a 4n language to me

i hate this site

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